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Actioncam-Onlineshop  - Your professional onlinestore for actioncams, helmetcameras, sportscams and minicameras.


We started in 2007 with our first onlineshop in Germany www.helmkamera-systeme.de. We are active skydivers and freefall videographer. Back in the sixties skydivers start taking big cameras in to the freefall to document their sport in action. In that old days freefall videographer had to wear a heavy equipment on their helmets. In the nineties digital handycams become very small. This was the freefall time of Sony handycams. You did need only a strong helmet to fix the Sony and jump out of a plain.

But in other actionsports you can not wear a Sony Handycam on your helmet. You need a small and light camera with a good video resolution to capture your adventure. In 2006 we found some good solutions for helmetcameras around Europe and USA. So we started selling the helmetcamera systems in Germany via our first onlineshop.

In 2009 the market began to get more and more professional. At this time you found the first all in one actioncams on the market all in a different design and all with different concept. In 2009 we start selling the first HD helmetcameras like Contour and GoPro Actioncams.

Our next big step was founding the Solid X Limited as a result of our rising professionality in 2013. In that time we have been the biggest European Dealer for the cameras of DRIFT Innovation, Actionpro and Camsports. Some of this brands we still selling in our new actioncam-onlineshop.com.

Today we concentrate on the big brands and some great small producer, who do a great job and offer products with a very good price-performance. So we still stick together with DRIFT and their great DRIFT Ghost S and DRIFT Stealth 2, with Actionpro and their excellent Actionpro X7, with Getit and their Getit Ultra 6 (Best Price Permormance!), with Kodak Pixpro and their SP 360 Full around sportscam, with Gecocam from Southafrica (Micro Full HD Camera for Glases), with Eye-Cam Minicameras and ofcourse GoPro.

We try to offer the best accessories for you and your helmetcam. You want to fix your cam? Have a look at RAM Mounts USA and Ortec Products Germany. Both companies offer innovative, solid and strong mounts for your action. You want to carry your cam? Have a look at SP Gadgets and GoCase who offer great transport cases. You want better video quality? Have a look at PolarPro and Backscatter filter systems for GoPro. You need perfect mounts for your sports so ceck out Flymount and MastHero. You want high-tech for your GoPro? You better have a look at Removu and Sena who offer special products for better handling and better audio results.

The best price for actioncam accessories you will allways find from SolidMountz. Our home brand for helmetcamera accessories offers a big range of great actioncamstuff.

PLUS Gimbals! Gimals are the greatest innovation at this time. BeStableCam and the RUN FX are perfect systems for stabilizing your actioncam in heavy sports. We offer the SteadyGim 3 Rider for GoPro and Actionpro and the RUN FX for all kind of actioncams.

We hope to offer the best service! Any questions, any problems just send us a mail or call us – we will find the correct answer and hopefully the best solution for your.

It is your life – record it

All the best

Team Actioncam-Onineshop.com